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Full text of "Londoni quod reliquum, or London's remains. MDCLXVII"

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lonboni Quob Ifteliquum^ 




E. & G..GOp>SMiD. 



Itonboni quob 1Reliqttum5| 

OR, : . 







\:,ymui$plh^ Coup Im^itto^ 


•..ei^lAMHH 8'HOaHOJ 



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^ ^m m ■ " I T 

Xonbont quob IRcUquum 


I<0>[f)OK'g f{5}>I^I>[g. 




^^ 4nib.(^n 






Ad virum Doctissitnum, eundemq ; Amicissi- 


Icta parentali Londini funera Versu 

Qui Icgis, et tepido proluis Imbre genas : 

Parce, precor, lacrimis, abstersaq ; sordibus ora 
Exhilara ; Phaebo lasta jubente cano. 


Made English : 

And Dedicated (with some small difference 
from the Latin) to the most Ingenious, 
and every way hopeful young lady, 


LL you whose cheeks my LoNDONS Obsequies 

Once drenched from your watry Eyes, 
Now drain those floated Grounds, and damme 
their Spring ; 
I better News from Phaebus bring. 


6 LondofCs Remains, 

Collige Relliquias, nudataq ; earnibus ossa 

Dixeraty ct gremio conde, Thalia, tuo ; 
Faecundos cineres ut nostris condimus Vlnis, 

Haeres ipsa sibi queis reparatur Avis : 
Namq ; suis, Me Vate, itidem nova Troja resurget 

£ Tumulis, Versu mox celebranda tuo. 
Paret ; at incensam Instrans dum circuit Urbem, 

Ardet, et alterno claudicat inde Pede. 
Sed sua solantur mancam spectacula Musam ; 

Atq I ait, haec nostri Carminis instar habent. 
Imparibusq ; manent dum Tecta immista ruinis, 

Impare item Versu par fuit ilia cani. 
Tu tamen interea, Soboles Phcebea, faveto, 

Qui morbos succis, diraq ; fata fugas ; 
Leaiter et medica tractes mea vulnera Dextra ; . 

Atq ; Machaonia, qua potes. Arte juves : 
Sic captiva tuos ornet Libitina Triumphos, 

Dum sequitur Currus funere rapta Salus. 

TT^Rrabunda premens quas novcrat ante Plateas, 
-■-^ Qaerit Virgo oculis pristina signa suis. 
Dum nusquam apparent, (ne sit suspecta rogando, 

Fictaq ; ab irata crimina plebe luat ;) 
Qua videt, (et per cuncta videt) discurrere Gives, 

Jungitur, et mistis devia miscet Iter ; 
Observansq ; simul sparsas per compita voces, 

Ignotos populi discit ab ore locos. 

Haec, aiunt, Paulina fuit venerabilis iEdes, 

Nee toto moles celsior Orbe fuit. 
Tecta coronabant Farias laqueata columnas ; 

Londoiis Remains, 7 

Dear Muse, said he, walk the sad Round, and turn 

Thy tender Bosome to an Urn ; 
Hide there the Sacred Dust : so we repair 

The Bird that to himself is Heir : 
And so shall London from its Ruines spring. 

And thou shalt its Good-morrow sing. 
The Muse obey'd ; but walking burnt her foot ; 

(Her limping Verse to that impute :) 
Sad was the sight ; yet this I. like, said she. 

Poem and Subject both agree : 
For, me thinks, whiles unequal Lines I payre, 

Like House and Ruine matcht they arc. 
Her Round performed, (sweet Madam) straight to' you 

She crawles, with her Remarks, as due. 
Your Vertue first. Relation, next, she knows, 

Concern you in the Cityes Woes : 
And since she's told, [A Hand doth Cures] 

She hopes that Influence from Yours. 

"IT^Ntring the City once exactly known, 
-*-^ Thalia found her marks were gone : 
Whence, loath to ask her Way, for fear of danger, 

('Twas death then to be thought a stranger,) 
Silent, she joyn'd her self to every throng. 

And bade her ears supply her Tongue. 
In dumb Procession thus my Muse did pass ; 

And common Chat her Tutor was. 

This was, said some, Pauls Reverend Edifice ; 

The World did not its like comprise. 
A Carved Roof its Marble PiUars crown'd, 

8 LonMs Remains, 

Pensile et immenso fornice Culmen erat. 
Area longa Domum summam commisity et imam ; 

Clivus et in plana est surgere visus humo. 
Vltimaq ; in gracilem coierunt Marmora conum, 

Arte aciem a longe decipiente rudem. 
Porticus occiduos capiebat splendida Soles, 

Vnde rubens tota fulsit in aede jubar. 
Materiam ingenio vicit sculptura sagaci ; 

Et celebre impositis Regibus auxit opus. 
Sed simulac fuerat nimiis fervoribus ustum, 

Dissiliens rimas undiq ; Marmor agit. 
Impositseq ; ruunt dum vasto pondere moles, 

Nativas repetunt vi penetrante, domos. 
Quxq ; manent, rapido nutant erosa calore, 

Exesas rupes ut maris Unda cavat : 
Et veluti sseva quercum caedente dolabra, 

Assula ab impacto Vulnere multa cadit. 
Haec fuerant, alii, Fidbi Penetralia, dicunt, 

Fornicibus lapsis est tumulata Fides. 
Et periere simul doctse concredita Turbae 

Pignora, fatali prodita Prxda rogo. 
Vnde ambusta, (Velut Cumeae Oracla Sibyllas) 

Sparsa procul Ventis Pagina docta fuit. 
Ista Ruina tegit Pluteos, ubi scripta Vetusta 

Versavit tremula Turba minuta manu. 
Prostabant istis Musarum scrinia Cellis : 

Ars alibi in pretio non fuit ulla magis. 

Sacra Vlnis fragmenta fovet, (sua Damna) Thalia ; 
Dixit et in nostro prima cubate sinu. 

Londof^s Remains, 9 

And these to that, vast Arches bound. 
Its monstrous length to the unlearmed sight 

The Floor, and Cieling did unite. 
Pillars remote, approach'd, which parted, nigh ; 

And each step up-hill seem'd to lye. 
A Noble Porch suck'd in the Western Ray, 

And through th' whole House did it display. 
Whose richer Art made the Materials vile ; 

And with two Princes crown'd the Pile. 
But, so intense was the surrounding Flame, 

The Marble gap'd, and loos'd the Frame. 
The Roof, fail'd by its Propps, forc'd into th' Earth, 

To seek the Place that gave it Birth. 
Now nought remains but Ruines rudely torn. 

Like ClifFs which fretting Waves have worn. 
Chipp'd, like the rough-hew*d Oak, when th* Axe 
doth pare 

Its Trunk to an uneven Square. 
These Vaults (said others) do St. Faith comprise : 

False Faith ! write on her. Here she lies. 
Rich Pawns the Lettered Tribe did there depose, 

But a deceitful Guardian chose. 
Like Sybylls Leaves, the scorched Learning fell, 

Scattered by Winds too far re to tell. 
There trembling Boyes rubb'd out their Author's sense 

On studious Thumbs, then suck'd it thence. 
The Muses in those shops were woo'd and wonne ; 

But Money made the Match come on. 

This learn'd ; of all the Sacred Reliques, part 
She grasp'd, and laid *em next her Heart. 


Londoifs Remains, 

Dum tamen indulget grato pia Musa labori, 

Colligit et Gremio rudera digna suo : 
Integer efFossis visus restare ruinis 

Prsesul, ab exequiis cui tria ssecla fluunt. 
Integer et maneas ; neque sit crudelior ipso 

Turba tibi Tumulo, Pontificalia, ait. 
Dum Discerpta illi venerando Busta profanant ; 

Ecce ! Reformatis tuta Sepulcra manent. 

Constitit, et simul in vicinas lumina clades 

Volvens, indiciis condolitura suis : 
HospiTiuM, Christi fuerat cui Nomen honori, 

Nudato horrendum vertice, prima videt. 
Nobilis, hie, uni Paulinas cesserat ^des : 

Mole prior Pauli, nulla nitore fuit. 
Onaratq ; Scholam largis proventibus auctam 

Munifica Civis plurimus altus ope. 
Vidit : et ut surgant, dixit, tua Maenia, Christe, 

Tu pia prolifico Rudera conde sinu. 

Contiguam ut vidit servatam ex Ignibus -^dem. 
In risum maerens temperat ora levem ; 

Et mutilis, inquit, merito, Vulcane, favebas, 
Fabula si claudos dat tibi vera pedes. 

Vestra prope astiterant Phoebi Collegia proles : 
Nee poterant statui commodiore Loco. 

Namq ; Patris nostri vicum apte clauserat Amen, 
Prasvia et ad Medicos jusserat ire prece. 


Londof^s Remains, ii 

Thus, whiles she spends her charitable pains 

On Sacred, mixt with LearnM Remains : 
Uncas'd, a Prelate, (on the Marbles Trust) 

The Third Age since, sent Dust to Dust, 
Entire appears ; and so, if Rome, (said She) 

Permit, entire remains for me. 
Whiles its Devotion plunders Tombs, 'tis seen, 

Protestant Faith's their safest Skreen. 

Here my Muse made a stand, her weeping Eye 

Sent round the Neighbour-Coast a Spye : 
Where, like a Wood devested of its Lopps, 

First Christ-Church shew'd its naked Topps. 
This Church, next Pauls was fam'd ; Pauls the 
more wide ; 

But this with it for Neatness vi'd. 
And many poor Boyes from its School had grown 

To th' Honour of the Purple Gown. 
May thy Celestial Patrons tender Care, 

(Said She) advance thy quick Repaire. 

The bordering Hospital when safe She view'd, 
Her sad Face to a smile she skrew'd. 

And said. Lame Forgeman, if the Tale be true, 
This Mercy was thy Brethrens due. 

Physicians Colledg next, its Seat did Fit, 
Whether by Chance there plac'd, or Wit. 

It stood at Amen, Patcr-noster's close ; 
For he needs pray that takes a Dose. 

c 1 I 

12 Londoiis Remains, 

Ignifluas sed sensit Amen, neq ; finiit Iras, 

Nullaq ; erat tanto par Medicina malo. 
Surgite, ait, nostri sacraria surgite Phcebi, 

Et junctam rursus &entiat seger opem. 
Proxima erant quondam speciosi culmina Templi, 

Nomina Structores Sancta Sepulchra dabant : 
Omne tamen Sanctum communia Fata profannant, 

Tuq ; Sepulta Domus Nominis Omen habes. 
Una, ferunt, Campana manet, qux morte luenti 

Crimina, in extremis officiosa fuit. 
Et maneas, inquit, flammisq ; erepta, reposcas 

Authores tantse qui modo stragis erant. 

Occiduam hinc cupidis Urbem perlustrat Ocellis, 

Exultatq ; simul Culmina nota videt. 
Gratulor et Vobis, nostrae miracula Gentis, 

Dixit, ab insano non temerata Rogo. 
Agnosco Petri Cathedram, Regumq ; Sepulchra, 

Fassaq ; Mortales Marmora maesta Deos. 
Atriaq ; augusti consultis clara Senatus : 

Quaq ; sonant rauci Jurgia docta Fori. 
Caesaream agnosco sedem, cui Nobilis Aula 

A Domino splendet nobilitata suo. 
Tutum et ait, Dominum Celebris tibi gratulor Aula, 

Tutam et te Domino gratulor Aula tuo. 

Conversse, occurrit discors sibi Nomine Vicus, 
Re, earns nimium. Nomine vilis erat. 

Cui, (nisi cum magnos celebrabant Vina triumphos) 
Limpida ab aurato Fonte fluebat aqua. 


LonMs Retnmns. 13 

A cureless Causon did the Colledg spend ; 

Nor did Amen its Furyes end. 
Apollo's Council-house, said she, arise : 

Dark Cases need a Clubb of Eyes. 
A lofty Pile, (now humbled) next appears, 

Once Christ'ned 'twas Saint Sbpulchbrs : 
Which since it felt the all-interring Flame, 

The Saint lost, kept its empty Name. 
They tell us here of One unmelted Bell, 

That toll'd Condemned Felons Knell. 
This Rumour heard, hang still, said she, to do 

That Work for Londons Fauxes too. 

Thus, Westward plac'd. She view'd the Western 

Glad by its Tops it might be known : 
And, (Englands Gloryes) I congratulate 

To you, (She said) your better Fate. 
There stands Saint Peter's Shrine : Next, that, 

What denies Princes Gods, is seen. 
And there's the House where wisest Heads decreed, 

And th* Hall where nimblest Tongues are fee'd. 
And there's Whitehall, a Noble Pile, although 

Its Royal Owner much below. 
I joy you both, (may both Joyes lasting be) 

Of Thee, thy Master, of thy Master, thee. 

Her Face once turn'd, she now beholds an Heap, 
Where stood a Street, misnamed Cheap. 

Here once a glorious Aqueduct did shine, 
Where Triumphs Water turn'd to Wine. 


4- Londorfs Remnins. 

Discito Justitiam (flamma dictante) Platea, 

Dixit, et e nostro fota resurge sinu. 
Vicinam spectans obliquo lumine Portam, 

Fixa super palis ossa manere videt, 
Inferias Carolo caesas : neq ; Flamma volebat 

Destitui exemplis Crimina tanta suis. 
Musa, manete, inquit, saeclis documenta futuris, 

Et longas Regum Manibus esse Manus. 

Respexit pariter quae nomine nota Sionis 

Atria sunt tristi semicremata Rogo. 
Gratulor et vobis, dixit, (mea Cura) Libelli, 

Relliquiae stragis pars quotacunq ; manet. 
Biblia sed cum sint Thecis exuta, precamur, 

Auspiciis surgas Bibliotheca novis. 

Cella etiam hie periit peragrato dives Hymetto, 

Florilega inq ; favum mel cumularat Avis. 
Infelixq ; (inquit) Volucris, gentilia Fata 

Agnosco : Flammis diripiuntur Apes. 
Sed moris meminisse tamen, Vulcane, decebat ; 

Ardet Apis flamma, Mella manere solent. 
Quin, melius, praeter morem, Dea, (Mulciber 

Hectare direpto sedula vivit Apis : 
Vivit Apis, totamq ; iterum praSdabitur Hyblam, 

Congeret inq ; novas mox nova Mella Domos. 

At simulac Critices collecta Volumina Sacrac 
Percipit infausto comperiisse Favo ; 

LonMs Remains. 1 5 

May Fire refine, and teach thee too, She cryes, 

As statelier, so more honest rise. 
On the next Gate, unhappy Limbs there stood. 

That expiated Charles His Blood. 
The Flames themselves were loath, that after Times 

Should lose the Vengeance of such Crimes. 
This seen ; Sad Reliques, teach the World, (She 

Long-handed are the Ghosts of Kings. 

To Sign-College next She turns her Eyes ; 

Which, part-burnt, part-escap'd, She spyes. 
Dear Books, (said She) your dangers were my cares : 

And now my Joy exceeds my fears. 
Glad you are safe ; I gladder should become, 

Your House re-built, and you at home. 

Here flam'd an Hive the Muses Bird had fraught 

With Honey from Hymettus brought. 
Poor Bird 1 (said She) this Fate attends thy Name, 

For Bees oft plun'red are with Flame. 
But, Vulcan, yet, me-thinks, you Custom broke. 

For th' Honey sav'd, the Bees we smoke. 
Yea, rather, thank me, Madam, (answer'd Hee) 

That took your Hive, and drove your Bee. 
Your Bee preserved, will spread his buzzing wing. 

And to New Hives all Hybla bring. 

Within this Hive, of all the Wealth She lost. 
The Sacred Criticks stung her most. 


1 6 Lmd&ifs Remains, 

Ingemtty et nostri hxc fuerant pars Magna laboris, 
Inquit, et immensi Causa doloris erunt. 

Infelix Bustum, peril t quo tota Vetustas, 
Atq ; antiqua novum rudera Funus habent ! 

Castera ut admittam saeclis reparanda futuris 
Damna, parem cumulum sxcula nulla dabunt. 

Haud procul, excelsis olim Pretoria pinnis 

Surgebant ; Pario Marmore fulsit opus. 
Alta duo iEtnei servabant Atria Fratres, 

Praetextaq ; frequens splenduit Aula Toga. 
Hie populo Augustus reddebat Jurra Senatus, 

Et sua Praetori sella curulis erat. 
Sedneq ; Vulcanum Juris reverentia cepit, 

Tuta satellitio nee fuit Aula suo. 
Vidit, et exurgas, dixit, speciosior Aula, 

Atq ; frequens solita Curia lite strepat. 

Qua numerosa olim doctis pulsantibus xra 

Suaviter ad varias sunt modulata notas. 
Quaq ; repercussos inverso Turris ab Arcu 

Vibrarat quondam Musica Turba sonos : 
(Subditus his Vulcanus erat, namq ; aere jubente, 

In tota prunas condidit Urbe cinis) 
Nunc elingue jacet quondam vocale Metallum. 

Ludibriumq ; Rogis Arcus inermis habet. 
Neve impune feras, (inquit) tu Mulcibcr ipse 

Mox alias Voces, altera Tela dabis. 
Pergit et ad notam Regali Nomine Bursam, 

Et flamme Victor, Greshame, dixit, Ave. 


Londof^s Remains. 17 

Dear Births, (said She) of my once-teeming Throwes, 

Now Parents of my lasting Woe» ! 
Unhappy Flame, in which devoured lye 

Th* Ashes of all Antiquity ! 
No other losse disdaineth Times repair : 

But This, is Times and my despair. 

Next Guild-Hall, once, on Marble Pillars stood. 

Pillars, too proud of such a Load. 
Two armed Giants were its constant Guard, 

Whiles thither peaceful Gowns repaired. 
Here, a grave Senate Causes did debate. 

Which the Lord Mayor adjudg'd in State. 
But lawless Flames adjourn'd the Court from thence, 

'Gainst which its Guards were no defence. 
But, Rise, (said She) more stately from thine Urn, 

And may the banisht Court return. 

The next advance unto her mind did bring 

The Charms of an harmonious Ring. 
The bended Bow shot thence reflected sounds, 

Made up of Musicks best Compounds. 
Its Courfeu-Bell once flames in order kept ; 

And rak'd up Fire till morning slept. 
The Bow disarmed, in vain now scar'd the Flame, 

And the shrill Metal dumb became. 
Yet Vulcan, triumph not, (said She) for thou 

Shalt rearm the disarmed Bow. 
Her next Advance the Royal Change presents, 

Where Gresham thus She complements. 


i8 LmMs Remains, 

Hausit Opus fateor, (gemituq; haec Verba profundo 
Protulit) angustum, magnificumq ; , Rogus. 

Restituent tamen hasc, nisi fallimur Atria fratres, 
£t strepet in pinnis vestra Cicada novis. 

Te quoq; quam celebrant condente, Vicaria Bursa, 
Interea in laudes visitur usq ; tuas. 

Viderat hie quondam Regalia Marmora Virgo, 

Quae meminit numeris sic cecinisse suis. 
Tu dubio Hseredi, Confessor, Regna relinquis. 

Te violata premit, proxime Harolde, fides. 
Anglia deinde patet Victori, at clausa cadenti est 

Neustria. Rufe, feras dum petis, ipse peris. 
Musa dedit Sceptrum Henrico, Muraena Sepulchrum. 

Crux et Amor Stephano pulchra Matilda fuit. 
Henrico Rosamunda placet formoso Secundo. 

Corde Leo, ast Agni signa, Ricarde, geris. 
Infensum rapuit Monachi vindicta Johannem. 

Henrice in Proceres, Tertie, Bella geris. 
Paruit, Edvardo, conjunctis Cambria Scotis, 

Primo. At saeva subis Fata, Secunde, veru. 
Illustremq ; Periscelidcm, tu, Tertie, tollis, 

Privataq ; alter, morte, Ricardb, cadis. 
Rapta serunt Bella Henrico Diademata quarto. 

Paret Victori Gallia, Quintb, tibi. 
Excussit regnata jugum Lutetia Sexti. 

Regna, bis Edvardus, subdita, quartus habet. 
Rex Titulo Quintus fuerat ; quo, tertie, caeso. 

Rex Titulo vacuus, Seeptra, Ricarde, rapis. 
Tu, mistis, Henrice, Rosis tibi, Septimc, firmas 

Imperia. Octavo, Papa jubente, fugit. 


Londoi^s Remains, 19 

Haile, Fiames Surviver ; though thy Noble Pile 
Be burnt (said She, and wept the while) 

Thy Grashopper (turn'd Cricket now) shall sing 
A welcome to its second spring. 

Mean while, this to thy Memory is due. 
For one Change meant, thou built'st us two. 

The Royal Statves miss'd ; her Memory, 

Their Chronicle did thus supply. 
First, the Confessor left a doubtful Crown, 

Which Harold snatch'd, and soon laid down. 
The Normans Prize : whom dead, his Caen den/d. 

For th' Hart, the Hunter, Rvfvs, dy'd. 
To Beauclerk Henry Lampreys fatal were. 

Th* Emp'ress, was Stephens Love, and Fear. 
Fair Rosamund did Second Henry charm. 

And Lion-Heart, the Lamb did Arm. 
To John, the Monk a deadly Wassaile clears. 

Third Henry's Barons prov'd his Peers : 
First Edward, first the Welsh and Scot did quell. 

Spitted to death Next Edward fell. 
Third Edward, first the Noble Garter ty'd. 

Un-crown'd, the Second Richard dy*d. 
Fourth Henry's Arms piec'd up his Titles Crack. 

The Fifth pa/d France her Conquest back. 
Sixth Henry onee lost France, and England twice. 

Both losses were Fourth Edward's rise. 
Fifth Edward was a King; but for his Crown 

His Uncle Dick pa/d him in Down. 
The seventh Henry weds the Rival Rose. 

The Eighth, Romes Rival Power o'rethrows. 
D 19 

to Lvndnis Remains, 

Praepropera Edvardo Pieus et Funera Sexto. 

Innocuo rubuit sanguine sxva Soror. 
Virginitas, Pietas, Pax, Copia, gloria Elisje. 

Paxy Pietas, Artes, docte Jacobs, tua. 
Martyrii titulo tu solus, Carols, fulges. 

Clementis Titulum Carolus alter habet. 

Sparsa tot in cumulos Regum fragmenta Thalia, 

Mancaq ; membra simul, truncaq ; Sceptra videns, 
Vestra, ait, hac (Reges) referuntur Imagine Fata, 

Fictaq ; par Vobis Marmora funus habent. 
Fata tamen Carolo sint segnia : sana senectus 

Obrepat lento, lento abitura Pcde : 
Postq ; 8U08 alio reparatos Marmore Patres, 

Sera ipsum ad Patres colligat hora fuos. 
Et fallant nova vaniloquos ostenta Prophetas ; 

Et lapsus mendax Omen habeto Lapis : 
Exactusq ; Anno Numerus ter sextus in uno, 

Anti-Monarchistis somnia falsa probe t. 

Pergere et ad Thamisin, (dilectaq ; flumina Musis 

Saepe canunt Vates) sollicitavit Amor. 
Hie refluas Moles augusta repercutlt Undas, 

Atq ; duplex solido Fornice Ripa coit. 
Summum etiam Pontem fastigia celsa coronant, 

Despicit atq ; frequens inde habitator Aquas. 
Sed fremit injectas subterflua lympha catenas, 

Et gemit obstructas fluctibus esse vias. 
Audisti ; et vindex adero, (Vulcane) gementi, 

Dixisti ; et rupto fornice lympha flues. 


Lmdoiis Remains, 2 i 

Sixth Edward early ripe, did early rot. 

A bloody Reign did Mary blot. 
Peace, Plenty, Piety, the Virgin fames. 

Religion, Peace, and Learning, James. 
A Martyrs Name First Charles alone doth bear 

May [Merciful] the Second wear. 

The dreadful Wrack now all together flings ; 

Crowns, Scepters, and the Trunks of Kings. 
And, like your Statues, Kings, said She, you must 

Once mingled be with common Dust. 
But, Heavens, Charles his Pate delay ! may slow 

Arrive his Age, and slower go. 
May he his Fathers in new Marble case : 

And late with's Fathers take his place. 
And you, who drcam't o*th* Fall of Kings, at last 

Grow wise, now Sixty-Six is past. 
Come off (at least) like Oracles ; and say, 

Your Credit's sav*d ; These Kings are they. 

Muses love streams. Whence prompted by Loves 

How fares the Thames ! mine, next enquires. 
On Arched Stone a Noble Frame here stood 

To wed Two Towns, and check the Flood. 
Its lofty Tops with Princely Buildings crown'd, 

'Midst Waves stood as on solid Ground. 
But oft the roaring Tydes assay'd, in vain. 

To break the Adamantine Chain. 

This Vulcan heard, and. Grieved Floods, (said He) 

Your Liberty receive from Me. 


zt L9i$Ms Rtmaim, 

Parte tamen Ubefiicttta, Tc, (Mulcibcr) tjunt 

Extemplo incepti paenituisse toi. 
Nam timuisse ferunt nc surgeret undt solata, 

£t Thamisis Dominse libera ferret opetn. 
Musa videt ; Celebresq ; premant tua flumina Moles, 

Inquit et usq ; fremens detpiciatur Aqua. 
Tu quoque, queii prudens Iras, Vulcane, premebas, 

Invitus deinceps discito frsena pati. 

Astiterat Tabulata Domus, multo unde labore 

Plumineam in calices Antlia duzit Aquam, 
Docta per anfractus varioi ascendere Nympha 

Daedaleis solita est Tecta subire viis. 
Mulciber, at rapidis succumbas Machina flammis. 

Dixerat, in clades ingeniosa meas. 
Musa, gemens periisse suas ubi percipit Artes, 

Inquit, et artiiici Machina surge Manu. 

Prospicit hinc notum deterso abdomine Vicum, 

Unde fuit tanti Pons et Origo mali. 
Dixit, et aeternis damnatus surge Cloacis 

Viculus, infamis nomina Cladis habens. 

Hinc conspecta manet Castelli Regia Moles. 

Arx est tuta Loco, tutior Arce Locus. 
Julius haec fertur struxisse Palatia Caesar, 

Obtineat siquam Fabula prise a fidem. 
In latus omne patens Turris circumspicit Vndas, 

Cogit et Ignivomis in sua Jura Minis. 
Omnimoda hie Mavortis erat congest a supellex, 

Quaeq ; tegunt homines Arma, quibusq ; premunt. 

LoffdoT^s Rimains. %y 

Which Word in part made good ; it since appears. 

He took new Counsels from his Fears. 
For doubted 'twas, th' enlarged Stream might swell. 

And for its Soveraigns sake, rebel. 
This learn'd : Fond Waves, wear still your Noble 

Your Pride (said She) and not your Fain. 
And may thy Furyes now by Fear repell'd, 

(Vulcan) henceforth by force be quell'd. 

Near by, the River hal'd by Engines force 

Beyond the Level of its source, 
And branch'd by secret Labyrinths abroad. 

In private Kitchins was bestow'd. 
Pernicious Engine for my ruine fram'd. 

Burn thou, (said Vulcan) and it flam'd. 
Dear Engme, (said the Muse) be thy repair. 

Thy skilful Artists s.econd Care. 

The next place view'd, was, where the Flame began. 
From empty*d Tripes call'd Pudding-Lane. 

And ne're (said She) to greater Honour rise. 
Thou source of Londons Tragedies. 

The Royal Towbr next escap'd she spi*d. 

By Art and Site joynt-fortifi'd. 
The first of Cassars, (if you credit Storycs) 

Added thiA Pile to"s Brittish Gloryes, 
The dreadful Terror of its Thundering Flames, 

Gives Law to the surrounding Thames, 
Here, Mars his Storehouse yeilds all sorts of Arms, 

Both to repel and threaten Harms^ 


4 LonMs Remains, 

Hie quoq ; signantur Titulii et Imagine Regum 

Mortalei animos quss Magis Anna domant. 
Praesidio tuttm Carolas sibi fecerat Arcem : 

Prsesidio at fuertt tutior ilia Dei. 
Sed tremuit merito tanco obvallata calore, 

Cui satis ad Clades una Fayilla foret : 
Et nisi divino superesset munere sospes, 

Flagrtssent uno Regna Britanna foco. 

In sua dum reduces vertit vestigia plantas, 

Spargit et hinc lacrimas, spargit et inde preces. 
Conspicit Auriiicum flammis arsisse Tabernas^ 

Nomine ubi Italico nota Platea fuit. 
Quaeq ; dedit Gramen perituro Nomina Vico, 

Non superest tantis Herba minuta focis : 
Gratia sive dedit grato sua Nomina vico. 

Nunc superest tantis Gratia nulla Rogis. 
Angulus at juxta restat de funere raptus. 

In quo (Langhamidje) portio vestra fuit. 
Eminet alta Domus, quae tantis obsita flammis 

Nuper erat, plusquam Voce, Propinqua 
Magna Domus, minor at Domino, cui copia. 

Suppetit, et magnas Mens magis ornat opes. 
Larga manus memores solita est fecisse merendo ; 

Et sensere Scholae, sensit Egenus opem. 
Importuna, videns, vix pressit Gaudia Musa : 

Dum grave diducto Carmen ab ore sonat. 
Discite, quam valeant flammas benefacta sopire, 

Rursus in Authorem jussa redire suum. 

Londotts Remains, 25 

Here too. Kings Names and Faces authorize 

Arms us'd for greater Victories. 
A Royal Guard this Pile in safety kept : 

He, it, and them, who never slept. 
The siege of Flames this Fort did justly scare, 

Which one small spark had toss'd i' th' aire. 
And, but that Heaven interpos'd to save. 

That spot had been Three Kingdoms Grave. 
Whiles from these Sights the Muse returns, and here 

Scatters a prayer, and there a Tear. 
In Goldsmiths Street, known by th' Italian Name,* 

She saw the dreadful Prints of Flame. 
And that which Gracbs some, some Grasses, call, 

(No matter which) now's none at all. 
Its Grace, this Ruine shews, but mortal was ; 

And withered, like its Embleme, Grass. 
At th' other end, a Nook there was repriced 

In which the Langhams Seat survived. 
Once Crossby's 'twas ; and thence the Name, 

That Name ne're match'd it so, as now. 
A Noble Seat of a more Noble Lord, 

Where Mind doth with his Wealth accord. 
This great, that generous, Friends by bounty made; 

Those pa/d him Pra/rs, Pray'rs ruine stay*d. 
Scarce could the Muse forbear ill-tim'd Joyes, 

But could not this instructing Voyce ; 
Good Works quench Fires, whiles they ascend, (like 

In our needs to desend again. 

• Lombard Street. 

a6 LmMs Rtmmm, 

Hie quoq ; Grishamicis Tirvus Coixegia fulgent. 

Prozimaq ; infames non tetigcre Rogi. 
Non minus luec Helicone suo dilexit Appollo 

Atria, et Aonii Turba novena chori. 
Omaimoda e celsb sonat hie Doctrina Ciithedris ; 

Dotatatq ; Artcs qui profitentur» kabent. 
Philo«ophi hie Regnant, et Reges Philosophantor, 

(Unica enim tantis syllaba danda Virit) 
Qui Reges socios Tituli splendoribus aequant, 

Sed faciunt Titulis splendidiora suis. 
Vapulat hie veteris jurata in verba Magistri 

Credulitas, faeili tramite docta sequi. 
Hie celatadiu Natura Areana fatetur ; 

Velatumq ; nibil quod tueatur, habet. 
Hie formidandam eataphraeti Pulieis Has tarn 

Qui videt in Tubalo, vulnera magna timet : 
Quosq ; leves ictus compuncta eutieula sentit, 

Majores dubitat sensibus esse sais. 
Squameus et Capitis spectantes Incola terret ; 

Nata nee ista putant Corpore Monstra suo : 
Dumq ; uneo tenuis prensatur Crinis ab ungue, 

Creditur Hereulea Clava tremenda manu. 

Parva loquor. Magnum est,paret quod sensibus aether, 

Atq ; oeulis, Mentes quae latuere, patent. 
Tu lustrata, novis nunc, Cynthia, rupibus albes, 

Et maria agnoseis qua modo Dumus eras. 
Inq ; tuo maculae speetantnr, Cynthie, vultu. 

Faleifer atque; Ansas queis teneare, geris. 
Tu, quoque, Mars, tu blanda Venus, tuq ; aliger 


Lond&f^s Remains, 27 

Nigh, Gresham-College stood ; and (which is more) 

Yet stands, though Ruine knock'd at door. 
Apollo and the Nine, oft here resort ; 

And Helicon's the thinner Court. 
Here learned Lectures on all Themes are read ; 

And Arts endow'd, Professors wed. 
Philosophers here govern Earth and Skies ; 

And Kings Themselves Philosophize. 
The Fellowship a Royal Title wears : 

But things beyond their Title, dares. 
Old Masters here are schooled again ; and must 

Now learn by Trial, not by Trust. 
Here, Nature's Cabinet is expos'd to sight ; 

And all her Shop held up to light. 
Here, in a Tube, the armed Flea doth bear 

Death on the point oPs dreadful Spear : 
And he that feels it, (whiles he sees it such) 

Believes his Eye before his Touch. 
Here, he that views the Native of his Head, 

Disclaims the Monster that he bred : 
And from th* Hair-Clubb his Armed Paw doth wield, 

The place in which it grew, doth shield. 

But, these are small things. It's much, that the Skye 

Where Thought ne're pierc'd, admits the Eye. 
White Rocks, the Moon, a second Albion make ; 

And that's a Sea, which was a Brake. 
Sol's face now, Ladyes, Beauty-patches wears. 

And Saturn's like a Pot with Ears. 
Yea, Jove, and's Guard, and Heavens King-at-Arms, 

Warr's God, and Venus with her Charms ; 


28 AungervyU Swety^ Reprints, 

Cumq ; Satellido Jupiter, Ipse tuo ; 
Panditis insolita in tenui spectacula Vitro : 

Nee sunt Astra minus Pulice not a levi. 
Tu que, animo qui Vota Orbem fecere Minorem, 

Hie fieres animi compos, (Avare) tui : 
Si modo quae ignotos patefecit vitrea Mundos 

Machina, ad hos Mundos et docuisset Iter. 

Quid ? quod in Exiguis trutinatur Lancibus Aer, 

Vertitur et pluma justa Statera levi ? 
Regna quod Imperiis parent Neptunia doctis, 

Et fluit ad Leges mobilis unda Novas ? 
Certa quod immensi capitur Mensura profundi, 

Et vacuum post hac Nomen Abyssus erit ? 
Quod situla in salso, quaqua patet, squore mersa, 

Excluso hauritur dulcior Unda Sale : 
Quod mutare Vices Anni quoq ; Tempora cogunt, 

Friget et acstiva mista Lagena nive ? 
Quod liquefacta novos acquirit Terra fluores, 

Inq ; novos moles consolidantur Aquae ? 
Quod vibrante fugaz motu dum prasterit Hora, 

Pendula Sole Dies certius asra secant ? 
Mox quoq ; Marmorea lapidescent Robora crusta, 

Occludentq ; suas Ignibus Arte vias. 
O utinam Petris ita loricata fuissent, 

Materiam flammis quae modo Ligna dabant ! 
Staret adhuc forsan, neq ; nostras fienda Camoenx 

Urbs fuerat rapidis Esca vorata Rogis. 

Tu quoq ; quse versas cecinisti Musa figuras, 

Materia hie dives nobiliore fores. 
Hie exhausta tumet peregrino sanguine Vena, 

Transmissaeq ; Animas non sua Membra fbvent, 

LtnMs Remains. •»9 

Each, in a narrow Glas» strange sights displays : 

And Starres are known, as well as Fleas. 
Yea, Thou, whose greater Mind th* old World out- 

Might'st here each Night descry a New : 
Though that would grieve thee too, except the way 

To th* New Worlds were as known as They. 
'Tis much, that Ayre it self in Scales is weigh'd ; 

And Scales by smallest Atomes sway'd. 
That lawless Seas new Laws of Motion know, 

And by leam'd Measures ebb and flow. 
That the Ocean's rendred fathomable, and 

Abysse, for a meer Name doth stand. 
That from the Briny Pond new Buckets fiird. 

Excluding salt, fresh water yield. 
That Summer-snow (the year inverted) cooles 

Th' offensive heat of flaming Bowles. 
That Water's hardened to an Earthy Mass, 

And Earth dissolves to what It was. 
That Time more sure doth by vibration run, 

And Pendulum- Watches set the Sun. 
Yea, shortly. Timber shall the Fire repell. 

When crusted with a Marble shell. 
What pity 'twas, th' Invention canjc too late 

These Ruines to anticipate ! 
For then had London been flame-proof; nor had 

My Muses subject been so fad. 
He too, that sung chang'd shapes, might hence enrich 

His Muse, without a God or Witch. 
Here, empty'd Veins with blood adopted swell, 

And Souls in Foreign Bodies dwell. 
Whence young juyce shortly wither'd Limbs shall fill. 


3© Aungervjk Scciety Reprints. 

Moz effbeta novo caleficnt corporo succo, 

Et refiuet celeri pulsa Juventa pede. 
Primaq ; pnecipitem accenet lanugo senectam. 

Induct et canas Arte jubente, nives. 
Integer inq ; suum Pylades transibit Orestem, 

Nee Pyladi frustra nomen Orestis erit. 
Forsan et ambiguo dum ludunt Corpore Mentes, 

Eludent docto ferrea Fata dolo. 
Quin et Pastori latrans famulabitur Agnus, 

Balantesq ; metent pascualasta Canes. 
Hinniet, et fremitu sibi praelia poscet Asellus, 

£t Sonipes raucos proferet ore sonos. 
Inq ; Hominem dum grata Jovi transfunditur Ales, 

Mox laeves Artus insita Pluma teget ; 
Et tibi ; quas frustra tentavit sutilis Ala, 

Icare, donabit propria penna vias. 
Denique, mille colunt celebrem Miracula sedem, 

Quae non sunt Elegis concipienda meis. 
Restat : at afllatos vultu confessa calores 

Discolor a fcedo redditur Igne Domus. 
Vidit : et hac una minuis tot crimina Laude, 

Musa ait ; et veniam Lemnie, habeto meam. 
Caetera ut invisit tantae invidiosa ruinge 

Fragmina, et e Magna quod super Urbe fuit. 
Plurima tacta videt flammis lambentibus, aegre 

Erepta insano semicremata Rogo ; 
Integra pauca, (Hostipariter praedanda relicta) 

Nunc Dominis cumulant lucra, recepta suis. 
Sed nolite, monet, nimio conducta locari ; 

Ne nova vos, pressis Fratribus, Ira premat, 
Non vobis rapidus fecit stipendia fervor ; 

Sed Domino Obsequium praestitit ille suo. 

Londoifs Remains, 3 1 

And Time remount the passed Hill. 
Yea, hastened Age shall Childhoods Neighbour grow. 

And on the downy Chin shall snow. 
Pylades shall into his Friend be turn'd, 

And he himself to him resoun'd: 
So that, when one must dye, the Fates shall be 

Puzled t'unriddle which is He, 
Yea, barking Lambs their flatt'ring Tayles shall rear, 

And bleating Dogs their Pastures shear. 
The neighing-Asse shall at the Drumme rejoyce. 

And hoarse shall be the Horses Voyce. 
Tapp the Eagle into Man, and 'tis presumed 

Smooth Ganymed will soon be plum'd : 
And Icarus with native Wings shall flye, 

Where borrowed Plumes in vain did try. 
In summe: A thousand Wonders here do dwell, 

Too great for my poor verse to tell. 
The College stands, but in its visage bears 
- The marks that justifie its fears. 
This seen ; I thank thee, Vulcan, (said the Muse) 

This Pleads thy former Pranks excuse. 
Hence, all the envy'd Fragments that remain. 

Her searching Eye doth entertain. 
Some lick'd by scorching Flames, discolour'd were ; 

Where Ruine only wrote, [How near !] 
Others entire, (though once alike resign'd) 

Their Lords, restor'd with profit, find. 
But make not others Losse, your Gains, (She says) 

Oppression, Mercy ill repays. 
The Flames from you received not their Pay, 

But Heavens Commission did obey. 


32 Atmgervyk Society Rtfrints. 

Quseq ; alios nunc Fata premunt et vettra fuissent. 

Se paribus meritis par quoq ; ponia foret. 
Vos quoque, quae subeunt trepidantei Rudera Gives, 

Murorumq ; graves mole tumente Minx ; 
Auspiciis Coeli et Carou surgetis : Eritq, 

Nobilior Damnis Urbs rediviva suis. 


Lmdoffs Remains, 33 

And had a like Desert, like rigour found. 
Your Topps alike had kiss'd the Ground. 

And you too, ragged Walls, which men walk under 
Possessed at once with fear and wonder ; 

Rise to GoD*s Honour, and the King's ; and grow 
More glorious by your Overthrow,